Membership Types


This is the heart of the club. Interested parties who own and operate their own motorcycle and who meet the eligibility requirements, may apply to obtain Knighthood in to the Templar Knights. Riding members will be invited to club events, meetings, and special events i.e.-Riding safety training, cross country trips, and holiday events.

Honorary Knight

Honorary Knight is a title earned or given to people who assist the Knights and the community in honorary ways that are worthy of respect. This title may be given to anyone whether they ride a motorcycle on not. Please contact us if you have someone we should know about.

A Templar’s Requiem

Morning breaks across Lyon hillside
New suns warmth brings tear to eye,
I lay upon this battle torn field
Among fallen brother I wait to die.

Soaring high above the once serene landscape
Shrill cry of Buzzard and Crow,
A morbid song of what future lies
I fight what my heart doth know.

My mantle lay soiled and tattered
Broken body entrenched in mud,
Sword’s hilt still clinched within cold numb fingers
upon breast, red cross stained with blood.

A line was drawn and held by sword
“Beauseant!” cried strong against Melee,
Deterred the Pope’s Force from what marvels they sought
A Holy Relic from Un-pure could flee.

Swinging high the blade of greed and sin
Treacherous threat once trusted and revered,
Struck fatal blow to the Knight’s of God
A deception void of honor coldly served.

With honor, faith and a fiery wrath
Blood oath was spilt yet held secure,
A promise to god despite mortal threat and loss,
upon heavenly Alter their Soul’s shall rest pure.

With warmth and light of a new born day
Last breath whispers from wounded chest,
Eyes now sightless to a beautiful blue sky
head laid back in God’s hands to rest.

Troy A. Jackson aka Ghost

Repose for the Dead, A song in honor or remembrance of the dead.

The Surcoat worn by Knights. The Templar’s Mantle was white with a large red cross upon the chest or over the left breast of the Garment.

The cry the Templar’s raised upon entering battle. When voiced by large numbers entering battle the sound unnerved the enemy and was ominous due to its vibrant sound. Translation- Be Glorious!

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